Importance of Industrial Lubricant - Graphite

Industrial lubricants are very vital for the functionality of machines. Almost every machine needs lubrication. Simple machines like bicycles, a motor bikes, conveyer belts and even sewing machines need to be accompanied by lubricants. Likewise, large machines ranging from vehicles, gear wheels to factory machines too need lubrication for them to perform efficiently.

These machines that need to be lubricated are those that have rotating parts. Moving parts in machines usually wear and tear with time. These parts usually produce heat. If they got into contact with another metallic object, chances are that some substantial amount of heat may be produced and may lead to a fire. Thus such machines need be lubricated to ensure the movement is smooth and no such heat is produced.

An example of a good industrial lubricant is graphite. Graphite is a form of carbon element. Graphite exists as one of the three allotropes of carbon. The other two allotropes are diamond and coal. Graphite, however, is the one that best serves as a lubricant.
Graphite crystallizes into hexagonal system and exists in layers. These layers make it possible for graphite to slip. This slippery characteristic is the reason that makes graphite to be used as a lubricant.

Other Benefits of Graphite Include:
• Graphite is able to withstand high temperatures thus suitable in machines even in places that are hot. It can withstand up to 3000oc in inert atmosphere. In presence of oxygen, it can withstand temperatures up to 600oc.
• Graphite is able to withstand many reagents and acids.
• Graphite has a low coefficient of friction at all conditions. This is a very valuable characteristic of lubricant hence it is very efficient.

Graphite is therefore a very important lubricant. Every moving machine needs to be kept cool and graphite serves this purpose like no other lubricant. Its ability to diminish friction makes it an outstanding lubricant.

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